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♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ marvelment

Layouts and Graphics by OHDOLL *

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♦ they say we gotta go to war

♣ i know if the boats sinking

Welcome to Marvelment. Owned by myself, Nicole, and started in 2008. Here I offer icons, banners, layout overrides, profile overrides, and occasionally I will take requests that are to be shared with everyone. I made this community for my base-type icons and ended up turning it into something else. You will not see these icons offered anywhere else but here, so if you see them anywhere else I would appreciate it if you let me know, that way I can take the proper action to make sure they are taken down. If you have any questions, read the FAQ.

I really don't ask a lot, just the basics. If you're going to take something, then please comment and let me know as well as save it to your own computer. If you plan on uploading it to your journal, then please credit MARVELMENT and not my personal journal. Last, and not least, please do not steal/alter/redistribute my graphics or claim them as your own. That's incredibly disrespectful. Other than that...I hope you enjoy the community and find a lot of great things for yourself. ♥

♠ you won't let me drown
I am only affiliating with communities that similar to my own, such as layout communities, icon communities, etc. You get the idea. Click here to view and ask to be affiliates with Marvelment.

Currently, we have a promotional contest going on. If you're interested in participating, then please take the time to see this entry. If you've actually just been referred here by someone, then you must let me know on this entry who sent you here, so that I can give them credit. Failure to do so in the correct place, or at all, will result in them not getting any credit for your membership.